The Groom Room is a full service grooming shop offering a high quality of workmanship in a safe, relaxing environment. Our philosophy is to ensure that your pets are healthy, comfortable, clean and adorable.  We work with you to meet your needs while helping to educate you to attain the desired results for your dog's grooming.  We are happy to discuss any of our services with you over the phone before your first visit.


Full Service Grooming

We have loads of experience with all breeds and all types of clipping styles. Included in a grooming experience is:  a bath, brushout, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning as required, full haircut, a free daycare experience a bandanna and a report card.

Anal gland expression, nail filing (as opposed to a nail cut), teeth cleaning, pad conditioner and de-matting are available and charged additionally if required or requested.


Bath and Tidy

Bath and tidy appointments are suited to our puppies in

training as well as for clients who want to keep their dogs

in tip top condition with less home maintenance demand.


We only use cleaning products that

are safe for your pet's skin.


Brush Outs

Keeping your dog well brushed is the

key to a healthy tangle-free fluffier coat.


Nail Clipping/Nail Filing

Make sure the nails don't get too

long by clipping them regularly.  Did you know that long

nails can contribute to painful walking and early arthritis?




We offer dogs that are suited to the daycare experience the chance to relax or play in their natural small pack environment with anytime access to our fenced yard at the Greenfield location.