Winter Grooming Info!

Many clients are concerned about their dog being warm enough during the winter so they delay professional grooming to allow their dog's coat to grow. In theory, this seems logical. The problem is that the combination of longer fur, moisture hitting the dog's coat, coupled with collars, harnesses and dog jackets creates a perfect storm for matts (tangles) to build up. The more moisture (snow!), the tighter and fiercer the matts become.

What most clients don't realize is that matted coats aren't just unsightly, they are down right dangerous for your dog. Not only is a matted coat uncomfortable for the dog him/herself when they try to stretch and move freely, but mats create heat pockets leaving the dog exposed to itchiness, discomfort and possible skin infections.

Moreover, by the time the coat is seen by the groomer, there are usually only two viable options: the dreaded shave OR dematting. If matting isn't too excessive, we will opt to work through the tangles, but it's not a comfortable situation, even with the most gentle and skilled hands. It will also cost more because of the extra time involved. Shaving might seem like a simpler alternative, but did you know that shaving mats can leave your dog exposed to risk? Shaving mats is dangerous because the clipper has to find its way to the bottom of the mat which is often very close to the skin. Ouch! Severe itchiness, clipper burn and cuts are more likely to occur as a result.

The BEST option during the winter is to come to The Groom Room for regular bath and tidy visits or even just regular brush outs to keep your furry friend`s coat healthy and safe. This will protect him/her in the way you intended in the first place! Bath and tidy appointments cost less than a full groom, maintain coat length and offer your dog the benefit of pad clearing, ear cleaning, sanitary clean up, a nail cut and a trim around the eyes!

Thanks for reading!!

Lori :)


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