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  • When you book an appointment, a significant amount of time is held for your dog.  We kindly ask for 24 hours of notice for cancellation.  If, for whatever reason, you aren't able to give us that notice, we will do our very best to fill the spot however if we aren't successful, the full groom fee will be charged on the day of your missed appointment. This policy applies to all clients, including new visitors. 

  • Please arrive to your appointments on time as the day has been carefully scheduled.  If you're running late, we will cover staff costs for the first 10 minutes however beyond that, we charge $10 for every 10 minutes.  Arriving early may mean your groomer's shift hasn't started yet which prevents the important check-in conversation.

  • You will receive an automated text reminder 7 days prior to your booked visit.  Kindly follow the instruction to confirm (press C enter).  It updates our staff's calendar which is helpful! Our automated text cannot receive replies so if you need us, please see "HOW TO CONTACT US" page. If you don't confirm, your spot may be cancelled.

  • We ask that you update us with any changes to your mobile phone and email address.

  • Pick up messages are sent by automated text to offer about 30 minutes of notice. If you'd like more notice, please indicate at check in. Our automated text cannot receive replies so if you need us, please see "CONTACT US" page.

  • Appointment duration is approximately 4-6 hours depending on the flow of the unique day we are having and to allow playful dogs to expend energy at daycare.  It is not possible to guarantee a specific pick up time at drop off; this must be prearranged.  Within reason, please be flexibly available for pick up when your dog is visiting.

  • If you have ANY concerns about the result of your dog's groom, WE WANT TO KNOW! If you are dissatisfied in any way, please contact Lori within the first 24 hours of your visit so we can resolve the problem to the best of our ability. See "HOW TO CONTACT US" page.  We appreciate if you use REVIEW sites to share positive experiences and allow us to navigate any problems or dissatisfaction, internally :)

  • Please understand that matting/tangling on a dog's coat can create significant risks to your dog (higher risk of cutting skin, skin chafing, post groom irritation).  Matting is entirely preventable with home care and appropriate duration visits. We are not responsible for any costs associated with the side effects of matting. As well, dogs who are very anxious, inexperienced and unpredictable throughout the process are at higher risk of injury for which we are not responsible.  We are not here to judge in any way rather we want to support you and your dog to diminish the risk of injury and increase your dog's grooming comfort and trust in the process.

  • Payment is due on the day of service.

Thank you for understanding our policies.

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