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The Groom Room offers highly individualized grooming based on your dog's coat, temperament, comfort with grooming and realistic length/style options.  Our groomers are carefully hand selected and intensively trained.  They all have many years of professional experience, coupled with exceptional handling skills to support your pet to feel safe in our care and throughout the grooming process. Our goal is to bring out the best in your dog's appearance in a way that keeps grooming safe and comfortable.


We cannot guarantee prices without working with your dog however the guideline below will help to determine estimated fees (all prices subject to HST).


PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept cash, debit and same day e-transfer to (we don't accept credit).



Average visit duration is 4-6 hours in length to allow dogs to relax between services and enjoy the doggie daycare experience as a way to associate grooming with fun and relaxation (shorter duration visits are available; see "Add On Services" below).

Includes: bath, blow-dry, brush and comb, ear clean, nail trim, full body haircut, breaks to enjoy the daycare experience, anytime access to our fenced and supervised yard, individualized care and support, hugs and kisses, pet parent education and guidance:

XS and SMALL BREEDS (eg: tiny Maltese, tiny Yorkie, small/light coated Pomeranian etc.): $100

SMALL+ BREEDS  (eg: Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Havanese, smaller sized Cockapoo, breed pattern small Terriers, average size Bichon Frise, hand scissoring additional.): $110-$125

(Larger Cockapoo or small breeds mixed with larger Poodles): $125-$145)

MEDIUM+ BREEDS (eg: medium Doodles, average size Portuguese Water Dog etc.): $150-$175

LARGE BREEDS (eg: average St. Poodle, average St. Doodle, larger Portuguese Water Dog etc.): $170-$190

LARGE+ BREEDS (eg: large St. Poodle, large Doodle etc.): $190-$200+


Bath and tidies are the solution to preventing matting, overgrown nails and reduced sanitation between full grooms. 

Includes: bath, blow-dry, brush and comb, ear cleaning, nail trimming, pad clearing, rounding foot bottoms, sanitary trim, clearing around eyes and brow:

COST: 70% OF FULL BODY GROOM FEES (see above) 



Young pups require desensitization to grooming that is hard to accomplish at home and outside of a safe and experienced professional environment. Learning windows for dogs, specifically to comfort exposure, start to close as early as 14 weeks.  We strongly recommend our youngest visitors have frequent visits for training/handling/practice after their first tidy. 


Includes: 2-4 hour social play to learn how to relate to dogs (age dependent), brushing/combing, table practice, blow drier desensitization and that's it!  Ideally, weekly visits for a short period of time is a wonderful investment to future comfort and safety for grooming! Unvaccinated pups have a shorter stay and are not directly exposed to other dogs. 

COST: $50 plus hst



Includes: bath, blow-dry, de-shed treatment, brushing and comb, ear cleaning, nail trimming, varying amounts of trimming (depending on breed and requirements) *Exceptions will always apply and prices assume a well maintained coat,  but this offers a general guideline:

Small breeds (eg: Jack Russell, French Bulldog etc.): approximately $65

Medium breeds (eg: Corgi, English Bulldog etc.): approximately $85 (hand scissoring additional, if applicable)

Large breeds smooth coats (eg: Labrador Retriever etc.): $110+

Large breeds longer coats (eg: Golden Retriever): $180+

Large Double Coated coats (eg: Samoyed): $200+

*PLEASE NOTE!!!! Every dog has individual needs; some have thicker or thinner coats, matted or tight coats and some dogs require specialized handling support to ensure the experience is safe if grooming isn't comfortable for them. These needs can impact listed prices.


TEETH BRUSHING: $10 (not recommended unless you're looking after dental care regularly at home because it's a waste of your money; brushing will not remove established tartar but only remove the last 24-48 hours of plaque which leads to tartar)

ANAL GLAND EXPRESSION: $10 (we express anal glands externally only which is sufficient for most dogs)


SPECIALTY SHAMPOO: $5 for small-medium sized dogs, $10 for medium-larger sized dogs


MEDICATED BATH FROM VET: $10-$20 depending on duration need of the bath

NAIL FILING: $10 (nail cutting is included in all grooms however filing smooths any rough edges and rounds nails a little shorter than cutting alone - NOT necessary and not all dogs can handle the vibration)


HAND SCISSORING: Price to be determined case by case

SPECIALTY APPOINTMENT: 2 hour maximum duration or as long as your dog needs to complete the groom; your pup comes in, is groomed and goes home and is in our arms the entire visit. This visit is appropriate for anxious dogs who don't enjoy the daycare experience, senior fragile pups, pet parents who prefer a shorter stay. $40 additional to groom fee (Regular appointment duration is generally 4-6 hours)


PAD CONDITIONER: $10 Organic Vitamin E oil (excellent for hydrating dry pads)


EAR PLUCKING: $10 (only recommended with Vet's advice or if a mat or extreme fullness is present)


A LA CARTE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE (nail trim only, brush out between visits, anal gland expression, ear clean, eye clear etc). INQUIRE BY EMAILING:

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