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About Us

​The Groom Room's success is based on our compassionate, talented, experienced and devoted staff.  
Here are the names of our awesome team!

GROOMERS: Portia, Jess, Jenny, Rebekkah, Chelsea, Michelle and Lori 
ASSISTANTS: Lauren, Ramona, Kim and Brent

​"When you have a passion for something, it’s innate; you’re born with it. When I was very young, I had to be around dogs.  I was desperate to learn everything I could to care for all of their needs.  There is something indescribably special about the importance of the human animal connection; they rely on us and we rely on them.  It is my mandate for The Groom Room to do whatever possible to preserve the trust that animals give to us as we care for their sensitive grooming needs. My AMAZING team share this special instinct and devotion; each contributing to what makes The Groom Room special.  When I first started in this field, and still today, there was a tendency to assembly-line grooming; get as many dogs into the shop as possible. I didn’t want that - I wanted a warm, personal, daycare-like environment where the dogs could come in and play or lie down at your feet "
- Lori

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